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What is it about the dependency on humans that dog lovers fond appealing?


Well that's exactly why I don't like dogs. They are not independent. And they don't respect personal space.

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    The want to be needed I guess. Which is silly, as cats are way better and actually respect your personal space and aren't so needy or annoying. Cats make great companions and are good at killing mice. 

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    May be that is true but when human is proud the heart beats,why that world is funny,and love seems infinitive,as that is exact a thing,I aggregate and they are that they don,t come to listen for a thing by me,so that,s possible like a big big marriage.

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    Most humans like being 'care-givers' so if a dog needs caring/looking after (as opposed to it being 'dependent'), that makes for a good situation.

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    I often wonder the same thing about pregnant women,  do they know what they are in for.

    I like that they can be trained to be very obedient animals.  With over 400 different breeds on this earth many have jobs, police dogs, search dogs, substance detection, tracking, protection, tricks, working dogs that compete in sanctioned shows.  Just one of the most amazing creatures on earth.  So adaptable.

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  • hace 1 mes

    The companionship, friendship.. Unconditional love.

    People get dogs because they want a pet that is like a family member, or because they need one for working purposes.

    I question what cat people find appealing about cats.  Its a domestic animal that doesnt really act like a domestic animal..  Not really wild either.    Just uses you for food and a roof over its head.   More like a weird roommate who doesnt pay his share of the rent.

    Cats dont even serve any purpose.  They cant herd, protect, alert..  They cant be service animals to assist the disabled in any way.   They arent even good mousers.

    Cats arent that good at killing mice.  They play with their prey and half the time they get away. 

    The time a cat spends muching around with one mouse, a good terrier can kill DOZENS.

  • hace 1 mes

    Being needed. Companionship. Dare I say love.

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