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Are my parents allowed to make me pay everything?

I’m 18. My mom recently kicked me out and denys she did so. She has done this 7 times to me. I’m supposed to be moving into an apartment with my girlfriend on august 3rd. While at my parents house, I was supposed to have a car. She now wants me back at the house where she is going to make me start paying rent, utilities. As well as my own food. Is this a good idea? Should I move back in?


I do have a job but I’m saving up to pay for my actual rent and food when I get an apartment 

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    As an adult, no one is obligated to provide you with rent, food, utilities, car, insurance, medical/dental care, clothing, phone, internet, furniture, blah blah.   

    It's up to you to decide whether it would be cheaper for you to live at home or to live elsewhere. 

    Your mom can't "make" you live with her, but if you choose to, SHE is the landlord and the rent is up to her to decide.   Your choice is to agree or live elsewhere.

    The rent you pay your mom IS "actual" rent.   If you don't want to pay it, you can leave and she can rent your room to someone else who will pay "actual" rent.   Or she can turn your room into her yoga studio and congratulate herself that her 18 year job is DONE.

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    Up until you're 18th birthday, they have to provide you with food (not your choice of food), clothing (not your choice of clothing) and shelter (a roof over your head, not your choice of what you have at home). The day you turn 18, they can turn you out on the street, and some parents do (I really don't get it unless a child has serious issues). You - are not owed one thing.

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    You are an adult.  They are no longer required to support you. They can demand you pay anything they want you to pay as a condition of you living there. Don't like it?  Live on your own and pay for everything involved in that.

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    If you're 18, yes.  She can charge you whatever she wants to.  But do you NEED a place to stay until August?  Sounds like you really need to NOT be at your mother's.  After she has done this 7 times, get out!!  Let her be crazy without you. 

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    I don't think you want to move back in, do you? It seems like a zero-sum game to me. Maybe until August you could stay somewhere else for a much more reasonable fee. 

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    Is she likely to make you move out again?

    Seems risky. 

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    No.  It sounds like she can't make up her mind.  She's driving you crazy.  If she isn't, she would drive me crazy.  Tell her that you have made a commitment to a friend to move in with her and you have already signed a lease to rent a place.  Tell her you will visit.

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    >Are my parents allowed to make me pay everything?

    >I’m 18.

    You just answered your own question.

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    You are an adult.  They AR no longer required to pay for anything for you.

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    Learning how to pay your own way is a move into adulthood. Pay for your rent and food, no more free rides.

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