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are we heading for another lockdown in UK?

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    I would say it is looking quite likely that the UK will have to enter a second lockdown. Around winter time when the temperatures drop massively Covid-19 cases may rise further and also flu will be around. 

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    Some places are likely to be locked down again.

  • That's a very distinct possibility, just look at what is happening in other countries. Even countries that think they have it under control have seen Covid Spikes. All it takes is large gatherings of people, whether Conventions, Meetings, Concerts, Church Services, etc. 

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    I'm wrestling with that question.

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  • ..
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    hace 1 mes

    Some regional lockdowns are a strong possibility.

  • Wilson
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    Maybe The Rock will come out of retirement since no one watches his films anymore and lockdown all of his opponents 

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