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I have no clue how to make a song?

Can anyone give any tips or pointers? I bought the iZotope music maker's bundle and have a bunch of plug ins but i have no idea what to do with them. Also, only Iris 2 made a shortcut on my desktop, everything else i can't figure out how to open. I have One (1) Brain Cell™️ so please don't judge me too harshly for my stupidity,,, thanks.

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    When you say “make a song” do you mean compose a song or do you mean make a recording of a song?

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    From your first line, I am assuming that you bought software (that is too complicated for you to use) and thought that it works lead you through all the steps of composing - firm,rhythm and meter, melody, harmony and progression, and orchestration/instrumentation.  This is like someone in Shakespeare's time buying a pen and ink, and then aggravated that a PLAY doors not magically get written.  You need as pile of education - serving would be how to use that software, but FIRST - the theory of music.  My adult son had his master's degree in digital music composition - but had all his solid music skills/degree and computer/digital education first.  You can do the same - you can't run until you can walk first.  Do you play any instruments?  Read music?  Took lessons or classes (the real kind, not you tube - some people they are IDIOTS.  Good luck / but you need to learn MUSIC as well as software.

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