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How to stop cat from peeing on bed?

Ive had my cat for 3 years and he had never peed on my bed until now. He pees on my bed EVERY DAY. He is doing this out of jealousy or anger because we rescued a dog 2 months ago and is not happy about it. However i just want to know how I can STOP him because washing bed sheets and a bed spread EVERY DAY sucks. Any advice? 

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    Keep the cat separate from the dog. If the dog barks a lot, find another home for the cat, it will only be cruelty to keep it when it is terrified of the loud barking.

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    wring pee from sheets into a jar then pour it on cats face, do this many times and the cat will learn to hate the smell of his own pee, then he will stop peeing, cats dont need to pee they are cold blooded reptiles they can convert pee into useful liquids to stay hydrate during winter hibernation

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    pee on him show him whos the alpha male in the household

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    Spray the cat with water I know it sounds mean but it works every time.

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    Take them to the litter box every time they make a mistake and get cleaner with enzyme 

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    Keep the cat out of your bedroom!. Do not let your cat have the freedom to roam all over your house. Limit him. Let him hang out in your kitchen. Keep other doors closed to him, and always have clean litter tray s handy for him in the room you confine him to.

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    1.  Have a vet check for possible UTI's

    2.  Likely the addition of the new dog is stressing him out and he's marking territory.

    Might have to send the dog back if the cat continues to pee.  Maybe the dog is harassing the cat when using the litter pan and the cat is going elsewhere.

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    Rubbing his nose in it and locking him out will have no effect whatsoever.  You can not reason with a cat.  He won't understand why you are being cruel to him. You can, however, make sure that the dog can not get to the cat by keeping them apart and making sure that he has access to a litter tray that the dog can get nowhere near.  Your cat needs safe spaces where the dog does not go.  You should also get your cat checked over in case he has a urine infection or other health issues. You can then ask your vet for remedies on how to stop it if it turns out not to be health related.

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    Once cats start a urinating habit..  They dont stop.  Get rid of the disgusting creature

  • Rub its nose in it, then lock the cat outside for 2 days before letting it back in and feeding it.  Repeat until it stops doing it.

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