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When I was a baby my Father and my entire family betrothed me and a baby boy who happens to be a cousin.  We became emancipated minors and got married to each other, I got pregnant twice and have two children my young husband's family raised as cousins rather than son and daughter when things didn't work out for us.  We went out separate ways without a divorce because of problems with others.  We were both child stars and social services required us to be monitored because we were so young and they always talked about giving our children up for adoption when we did everything right to the letter.  Also we had stalkers so there was a lot of stress causing us to not make it when we were younger.  We're in our fifties now and want to give it another chance.  He says he doesn't ever intend to tell the children we are their parents.  I'm not sure his reasons but he is still famous so he thinks it won't go over well with the public.  Do you think we should remarry.  We Love one another and believe we should.


Why do you think I am trolling everything I said is true.

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    Besides looking into the legal aspects of marriage at your age, you should know if you want to be married to this man or not.

    Get a lawyer and know your own rights and what legally will best for you.  Then make a decision for yourself. Ask about a pre nup.

    As for your children.  As a adopted child myself, tell them.  They deserve to know the truth. 

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    People think you're trolling because it's ridiculous to be asking a bunch of 14 year olds on the internet whether or not you should get married.

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    In this sorted tale you tell you say you are married to this "star" and never got divorced in all of these years since you had babies back when you were a kid yourself. 

    So, why ask if you should get married ? You ARE married to him already.

    And,, here you are, over 35 years later and you threw your kids out to the wolves? Child stars have money to raise their own children. You never gave them up for adoption and you allowed them to believe you are their  ousin aunt  uncle  or whatever?

    Go see a therapist or someone who can help your sense of reality , your sense ofright and wrong and perhaps a lawyer for the sorted details of your children being lied to by everyone they ever trusted. 

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    Trolling aside...

    "We Love one another and believe we should."

    "We're in our fifties now"

    You're adults - do whatever you want. I have no idea why you're asking here, as you've already decided what you want to do 

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    Your story was great until I read "we were both child stars."  Try again.

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    I think your fiction lacks understanding of the law and social services.

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