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I had to miss my brother's wedding due to COVID-19. How do I get over this disappointment that has not left and is so heavy?

I was looking forward to it for over a year and then he had to shrink the wedding size due to the coronavirus and I had COVID-19 that week of all times and had to miss it. I am so upset and so disappointed. He tells me not to worry at all and that he understands, however it is me that is so disappointed and can't let it go. It happened Memorial Day Weekend.

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    We cannot change the past. You probably were not the only one who missed it. Can you and/or your family arrange a special event on the first anniversary?

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    your brother and you were being responsible.

    Just yesterday I read about a man who went to a party (risky, as he was diabetic and overweight) and one of the guests had COVID 19, but thought, because he didn't have symptoms, he couldn't infect anyone. (Stupid, risky, and inconsiderate)  A few days after the party, the diabetic realized he had contracted the disease, and he died.Actually, it's hard to say if *that particular guest* was  the only carrier, anyway.

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    So how you feel is more important than his wedding? You were disappointed.... welcome to the grown up world. There are people who have a lot more than 'disappointed', like people who's loved ones have died, for instance. You need to stop being so self involved... and btw ''I had COVID-19 that week'?? Seriously? I think you're just a lonely attention seeker. 

  • Edna
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    Get over it and don't blame yourself for something that wasn't in your power to prevent. It wasn't your fault that you got sick and had to miss your brother's wedding. You can bet your bottom dollar that your bother isn't worrying about the fact that you had to miss his wedding. 

    This happened over the Memorial Day weekend?  In the U.S., Memorial Day is observed on the  last Monday in May. That was at least 6 weeks ago. Let it go, and don't worry about it. After all -- when you get right down to it, a wedding is only a social event.

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  • Rick
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    Forgive yourself.  That's the only way to end the sadness, guilt and regret you're feeling.  It's not your fault that you had CV and you did the right thing by not going.  Eventually you'll be able to get together with him and his wife and hear all about the wedding.

  • Trish
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    Maybe there will be plenty of opportunities for you to celebrate his Love during your lifetime.  Don't get too upset.  If your disappointment goes on any longer I would say you're suffering from depression which means you should get over it by now. 

  • Anónimo
    hace 2 meses

    he shouldn't have had his wedding in the middle of a damn pandemic...

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    You'll just have to get over it; there's literally nothing else to do about it.

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    most marriages end in divorce

  • hace 2 meses

    You're allowing your emotions to control you. Remind yourself that it's in the past, it couldn't be helped, and although you weren't there, there will be other weddings for you to attend.

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