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How do I take a rooster away from hens?

We wanted to start raising backyard chickens. We got four chickens, three are hens, and one is a rooster. We aren't allowed to have roosters in town and we are close to our neighbors. Our rooster is extremely loud, so we have to get rid of him. We have a lady who has chickens and she can take him. But my question is, will the hens be depressed or something when we take him away? Will our rooster act differently at his new home? I just don't want to overly stress them out. 

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    No problem for the hens unless they face problems from a predator. Roosters are good for keeping the flock together and protecting it. The rooster, OTOH, might be going to a flock with a dominant rooster and become bullied.

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    The hens will be less stressed without a rooster. The alternatives for the rooster are rehome or kill him. He will be less dtressed if rehomed.

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