How come people want to put away or throw away my computer equipment?

So I'm about had it with people as my brother in law is annoying me by telling me that I have to put away my computer equipment. I don't see anything wrong with my 2 desktop computer sitting there as it is sitting on a cart and it is neat and fine in it's own corner. Andy and my brother in law keeps on annoying about it saying that I have to put away the computers. He says put it away or something else will happen to it. They took away my 2 go pros and a total of $500 dollars last year and I was broke for months before I wrote the checks to myself. I have my cash stash more hidden this time so it will prevent them from finding it. Plus I got a security camera and so I can let it record when it detects motion and I will catch whoever it is that wants to take my stuff. I'm sick and tired of people forcing me to put away my computers and threaten that if I don't then they will disappear. I'm not letting anybody take away my stuff as I've worked hard enough to obtain them and the new cash amount that I have. I don't get what is wrong with people. What is so wrong about me leaving my two desktop computers ?? Why do they force me to do this in order to let me list the house ? Since you claim you've seen my room, you'll only see the two computers sitting nicely in it's own corner.

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  • hace 1 mes

    Blah, blah, blah.

    Whine, whine, whine.

    First off, you didn't "work hard" to obtain anything.  Previously you proudly posted about committing fraud with your parent's credit cards to obtain computer equipment, and cross dressing clothes.  So basically you stole from your parents and they allowed it.

    Now you "can't wait" to move to Houston to "start over" and distance yourself from all the behavior that has annoyed everyone around you for so long.  That won't work of course because you will just repeat that behavior in a new place and alienate a new group of people.

    You've been posting that you can't move till your parents sell their current house and that you are going to "change realtors" by forging your parents' signature on the contract with a new realtor.  More criminal activity

    Now you are whining that the realtor "can't make you" do anything to help sell the house.   This is another established counter productive behavior that you repeat over and over.  Asking for help doing something that you can't do [sell a house] and then refusing to partner with the professional who knows what needs to be done to find a seller is exactly why the house has not sold previously.  The stories about how you refuse to listen to your 'therapists" and then harass and abuse them to the point of having them refuse to work with you is exactly the same kind of behavior.

    I for one don't believe any of the things you post have any basis in reality.  You are a horrible liar and an abysmal failure as both a troll and a human being.

    So when exactly are you going to leave yahoo answers?   You've been spamming a youtube link of you whining about how you are "harassed" here and trying to tell other people they should avoid coming here but yet here you still are.  Another established counter productive behavior.   You never change.

    Being autistic is not a get out of jail free card and being a pathological liar and inept troll is not a disability, jacob.

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    hace 1 mes

    You got the money for those computers off your parents credit cards without their permission. So they're really not yours.

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