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Orthodontist was rude to me ?

I’ve been going to an orthodontist for 5 years and have always gone in with my mum (I’m 15) and my orthodontist has always been so nice and caring ( we go to a special clinic for anxiety )however this time due to COVID I had to go alone and my orthodontist was completely different . She kept joking my family had COVID , laughed at me for crying (anxiety ) And got agitated when I asked questions . Then at the end of the appointment when she spoke to my mum she switched back to her nice persona . I’m so scared to go back and I don’t know what to do ??

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    You can report him and have him arrested.  My sister's dentist told her he really likes Joe Biden.  Then he started sniffing her hair just like Joe Biden would do.  When my dad found out he call the cops and they slapped the cuffs on the dentist.

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