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Would adding Tessa Blanchard be beneficial to WWE?

I don’t see the fit I see her better in AEW she is not done with wrestling WWE has too many women at the top if she goes there they will prob just stick her in NXT, thoughts?

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    AEW won't touch her and WWE's tried to deal with her ego in the past to no avail.  She's a great talent, wonderful on the microphone, and looks like a star.  That doesn't matter if you've got a bad attitude and aren't even a major draw.  She's female Austin Aries.  She's got all of the charisma and savvy in the world, but she's burned too many bridges.  Any insinuation that she may have grown up or changed went out the window when she left Impact over personal interests while she was being booked on top.

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    Tessa has too much of an attitude problem. 

  • If she's going to insist that she stay in Mexico, then WWE or AEW can sign her after we have a Vaccine for Covid 19. She'll work for one of them in 2022.

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    No! No! No! No! No!

    Not Tessa Blanchard!!!!!

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    No. Blanchard will do more harm than good. She is already one of the most controversial wrestlers in the wrestling world. Her behavioral problems are exponential and her ego is unhealthy.

    Blanchard lacks elegance in wrestling. She is by no means great in the ring, she only happens to be athletically superior to the majority. If WWE wants to damage their reputation, Blanchard jumping ship may do just that.

  • No. Blanchard will make things worse.

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    *Nope. She has a sizable ego and she has been a bully. She also isn't that good in the ring. Blanchard doesn't deserve to be in WWE and she'll just be like Charlotte Boring Flair.

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    Well, Tessa Blanchard is very talented and more than capable of having good matches. She definitely would be an asset to WWE in terms of talent but it's not really necessarily to bring her to WWE. Blanchard is said to have attitude problems and if she does come to WWE, she could cause problems there and probably hurt some people backstage.

    If WWE does end up bringing her in, it's better for her to be in NXT rather than the main roster. She could be a top superstar there and feud with the likes of Rhea or Bianca. 

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    Who is Tessa Blanchard?  Outside of a blank checkbook I don't know why anyone would be dumb enough to sign with AEW, it is a sinking ship.

    "Blanchard departed Impact Wrestling in June after her contract was terminated before it was set to expire on June 30; she was stripped of the Impact World Championship in the process."

    IMPACT sure has changed...

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