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You ever find a "secret" room or space in your house?

Strangely enough, my old neighbor found an unfinished 4x6' space above his garage that could have been part of the second floor space, but it was never used.

My wife and I just bought a house.  I was looking in the small storage space under the stairs that is accessible via a half height door in the back of a closet. The space is pretty large, but the ceiling is low.  I noted a plastic panel on the back wall.  Behind the panel I found another space (small). Clearly the wall was cut by the cable installer.  Anyway the space was full of construction debris, and an old slightly rusty pair of plyers. 


 The “secret” space is about 6 by 4, and the cieling is only about 3’ at the back. I cannot tell how high in the front. The opening is about one foot square.

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