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Will my mallard ducks know what to do when I release them?

A coworker asked if I could take four baby mallard ducklings. His brother works for the highway department and they were found in a sewer grate. I already have six domestic ducks, mostly khaki campbells. I took the babies.

I have them in our 100 gallon drum with water, lettuce and meal worms. They're getting bigger. When/if I decide to release them, what can I expect? Will they be hard wired to know how to make it in the wild? Will they circle back and want to stay and be pets? That's fine too. I do have one male mallard. He can fly. He always comes home because where else would he want to go?It's going to be heart wrenching to make the leap of faith and release them. Will they be okay? Or, will they fly off and starve to death?

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    Most wildlife carers do what is called a 'soft release' in these circumstances.

    When released, they are released from their normal pen with food and water being provided until they have stopped returning foor several days

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    contact your local wild life centre or even a vets. I don't think they would survive in the wild. Get some advice.

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