Is this a good baby shower gift?

One of my good friends I’ve known for 13 years is having a baby girl in September. We’re doing a virtual baby shower where we’re sending her gifts in the mail and all meeting up over zoom and drinking wine to watch her open them and chat. She’s moved so we’re not as close as we once were but we’re still good friends. That and how long we’ve been friends is why I spent the amount I did on her. I’m also a nurse so I’m more of the practical rather than cute kind of gift giver for things like this. I have 2 gift boxes for her.  

In baby’s box I have 6 different brands of bottles, (The 1 bottle trial pack kind) 2 different brands of pacifiers, (1 pack of each) 2 swaddle me infant swaddles, a bottle of infants Tylenol and a pacifier medicine dispenser. In moms box I have 4 little bottles of wine, a box of upspring alcohol in breast milk test strips, a pack of medela nipple shields, a tube of medela lanolin cream, a small pack of medela breast pads, a mom frida peri bottle and a pack of mom frida witch hazel soothing inserts for underwear. I have a note in moms box along with a card saying “This is very much a nurses welcome baby gift. I know you won’t ooh and ahh over much of it (Hell some of it is downright awkward) but I hope these items will be helpful in the next few months” 

Is this a good baby shower gift? Again she’s a longtime really good friend which is why I got her more than I would for say a coworker.

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  • sarah
    Lv 5
    hace 5 meses

    I think it sounds like a great gift!

  • Anónimo
    hace 5 meses

    Some items are great - some items not so much.

    What if she doesn't intend to breast feed.  What if something goes wrong and she can't breast feed.  What if she doesn't intend to use a pacifier with her baby.  (I did NOT use pacifiers at all with my baby)  

    On the other side of that - what if she has no intentions on ever using a bottle and is truly going to exclusively breast feed.

    As for the alcohol as part of the gift - I am guessing that you know her well enough to know she is going to start drinking again after the baby is born.  What if she intends to not start drinking again - do you still know her well enough to know this.

    Personally - I think you could do better and that some of the items are too personal to come from just a friend and not a close relative.

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