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Fish experts please?

Hello I’m wondering how many fish I can comfortably fit in my tank. My tank is a 37 gallon tank. 

So far I have a lyretail balloon molly, an angelfish, a tetra glofish, a shark glofish, a kissing gourami, and a sailfin pleco.

I want to know how many more lyretail balloon mollies I can comfortably fit in this tank?

I have a small castle, a clam that blows bubbles and 2 small plants in the tank as well that take up some room.

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    Your tank is too small for kissing gourami, They grow to 12 inches, you would need a 75-90 gallon tank for one. A sailfin pleco can grow to 2 feet long, a 78 inch 125-gallon tank will be needed. But even as younger smaller fish, these species have bio-lodes that are too much for your tank. I would suggest that you don't get any more fish until you rehome those.

    The rainbow shark has a notoriously aggressive reputation. It should really be in a tank that is no less than 48 inches long. It may act peaceful now, but aggression builds with age.

    Angel fish are territorial top dwelling fish, so are mollies, the combination did not work for me , and tha was a 48 inch long 55 gallon tank. You can keep an eye one them and watch them for aggression. if the fins are torn and nipped I would seporate ASAP. As for adding more mollies, i would not. Not as long as the angel is in there. Platies maybe. but not mollies swords or even guppies, those are all known fin nippers.

    You can have a dwarf pleco like a clown or a bristlnose. you could rehome the angle fish and add 3-4 more ballon mollies. and with the angle gone, you could have a smaller gourami like a three spot gourami.

    Tetra are schooling fish, none of the other fish are, so it is more urgent to get more tetra. you need to keep 6 or more of the same species of tetra. You can add more glo tetra, or you can add skirt tetras, or both, but you should have a total of 6.  

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