What was the last song that had you subconsciously bopping away in a public place, car or bus?

...like in that you suddenly had the realization you were doing it and started looking around with slight embarrassment to see if anyone saw you.


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  • hace 1 mes
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    Oh I was quite conscious, or at least till I got home :)

    Monsters In The Light by Mr IrishBastard


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  • hace 1 mes

    I'm impotent so I don't bop anything 

  • Binks
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    hace 1 mes

    Hey Livin', funny you should ask. I was at the bus stop one night listening to a song that has this really visceral part that really makes me spazz out. I thought I was alone, and did my usual spazzout, only to realize that a girl was standing behind me. When I turned around, she looked horrified. I quickly regained my composure, and turned around again to realize she was walking away really fast. The part I'm talking about starts at exactly 5:00.

    Indukti - Freder

    Feel the spazz, cheers

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 mes

    Pink by Aerosmith

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  • hace 1 mes

    Hey Livin'!

    Head East - "Jefftown Creek"


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    This evening driving home from Costco that song got me going, and by gawd Livin', if that ain't a toe-tapping, head-bobbing good driving song! 

  • hace 1 mes

    Haven't taken any public transportation in a while, but the other day, while shopping, SOME NIGHTS by Fun came on the radio. I find shopping (during these times) very stressful. So, when the song came on, I decided I needed to lighten my mood - so started quietly singing along.

    I'm not a great singer (don't think I'm awful), but I was like "Oh, God! People must be like 'Shut up already.'"

    I looked around, and suddenly noticed two other women singing out loud as well. And I was like "Cool. I'm just going to keep singing."

    And if I have ever broke out dancing or jamming to music in public - I'm very rarely embarrassed. I tend to live by the motto "You can only be embarrassed if you care what people think." Don't get me wrong, I would never want anyone to think I'm a jerk or want to intentionally cause a public disruption - but if you're going to look at me, see me doing something harmless and judge me poorly in that moment, than your opinion means nothing to me.

  • Chad
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    hace 1 mes

    Last time I was listening to Autechre and riding the DART train an area called Ledbetter

  • hace 1 mes

    Hi Livin,

    Honestly, I only listen in the car. OR through my headset in the work plane. I had an AMAZING cool intercom system installed in my plane. I can plug in a simple pocket CD player and hear it in the intercom IN STEREO ! When a radio transmission comes from outside, the music stops so I can hear it in entirety. Then fades up afterward. Can use the radios at anytime, the music just stops, then comes back. I have hours often to only be nailed to that seat with little workload. Cruising ya know ?

    I do not even own a headset that is mobile and self contained.

    That said, last that had me going last weekend somewhere over Louisiana, from their "Breakfree" album.

    (please copy and paste the line in youtube search box) < Thank You Brother, I think this is easier

    Wille and the Bandits | MAMMON | Live on French TV (Acoustic)

    Wille and the Bandits | PLASTIC FAME | Live

  • Pearl
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    hace 1 mes

    i dont do that in a public place

  • hace 1 mes

    Aloha Livin’!

    “Tom Sawyer” by Rush.  Air drumming while driving on the freeway.  Got me some strange looks from other drivers.

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