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Are supporters of affirmative action for women being sexist to claim women need to be advantaged to succeed?

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    "Are supporters of affirmative action for women being sexist to claim women need to be advantaged to succeed?"

    Yes, they are.  This is the feminist disrespect of women showing. They don't believe that any woman can look an equal male in the eye and ever win in a fair competition; without some legal measures to handicap the male first.  And by continuing to push for these advantages for females only, what today's feminists are saying is that women are inherently NOT equal, and therefore need advantages built in ALL THE TIME in order for women to be able to meet men at their level.

    This is especially true today in the first world, where pretty much all women have never been legally discriminated against during our lifetime. It's become difficult to respect women as a group when they are seen to be the benefactors of these privileges bestowed upon them by the hands of the feminist lobby.

    How do we know if any woman deserves her position, or if she was favourably placed there due to affirmative action? We all went to school together, where we were all treated equally. So why are the rules suddenly changed to handicap males when we are in the work world today? 

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    Women wish to offset unearned male privileges. That is the nature of any affirmative action.

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    Sexist double-standard and a belief that women are less able to survive prison, and that they are more honest than men.

  • amy
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    Its sexist to both men and women and also hypocritical. Women are essentially toddlers that need a hand with every thing at the expensive of men yet at the same time these toddlers that need the help at the expense of men can do anything a man can. If they can do anything a man can then why must we be treated as toddlers. Despite interest in engineering I wont go into that field because of affirmative action. Ill never know if I actually achieved that advance on my own or simple to fill a quote dimissioning anything ill ever achieve.

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  • Mark
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    Not really... And "affirmative action" is a concept that died out in the 1970s.  Of course, I would not accuse you of (oh, the horror!) watching "television", but there was a commercial in which a woman says to her new employer "I just needed a chance" and the majority of women in the workforce feel the same. So it's not "hiring an unqualified women for a job", it's more like "giving women an equal chance of GETTING a non-secretarial job".  Sorry, "women should be nurses and men should be doctors" just doesn't work.  Let me guess:  you never have sex and are a straight white male and are angry  ("women owe me sex").

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    I would NEVER support any kind of håťėful 

    môvėmėnt even if my own life truly did dėpėnd 

    upôn śuch a thing so the best answer is a firm

    NO, yo !!!


  • Extremely sexist

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    Sounds like you are saying women are less than because they cant move up by themselves. It's may be sexist but I refuse to give women the advantage just because they are women and seen as weak. If I have to work for a good future and a better job then they have to as well. The people claiming that are retarded

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    Is Jerry stupid to believe we don't know he's answering his own questions? Look beggar there's nothing for you to say. 

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