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What foods can a boy with type 2 diabetes eat?

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    You should make sure that every meal you eat is 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbohydrates and starch, and 1/2  vegetables. Keep fruit to a minimum. Don't drink soda, juice or any sugared beverages. Control your portions--measure out your food. Don't just eat what you feel like at the time. 

    You don't have to cut out everything--but you should try to stop eating at restaurants or fast-food places. Instead, you should make your food at home with ingredients--not eat out of packages or boxes. 

    Learn what portions are--and how much you should be eating. For example--a 3-ounce portion of meat is the size of a deck of cards. An ounce of cheese is the size of your thumb. Half a cup of cereal is just that--a measured half-cup--FOUR OUNCES. It's not a bowlFULL. 

    There are some things you can eat any time, in almost any amount--but they are VERY FEW. Celery--lettuce--fresh vegetables--all can be used as snacks instead of chips, candy or crackers. Water instead of almost anything else--especially juice. Juice raises blood sugar faster than almost anything. It's faster than eating candy. 

    Go to the American Diabetes Association website for lots of tips and tricks. It's not always about cutting things OUT of your diet. It's learning how MUCH you can eat of any food and sticking to it. It's also about eating regularly--not skipping meals. You want control--you don't want deprivation. 

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    I only  have  one  question. What  do  you mean by "Boy" what  sort of  age  group  are  you  looking  at ???

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    For sure healthy is better, but what ever keeps his blood sugar in the 100 mg/dl to 150 mg/dl range.

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    meat, veggies, berries, vitamin water zero, eggs, nuts, cheese, basically try to limit carbs as much as you can.  and he needs to exercise--makes a huge difference!  be careful with sugar free products-many contain sugar alcohols like maltitol or maltitol syrup--he can enjoy just a few of those treats...or he will get a major case of the runs-and all manner of stomach problems.  try to find things that have natural low carb or no carb sweeteners, like stevia!!  choczero is a low carb chocolate. alyssa's cookies are also super healthy, yummy and low carb.   you can use cauliflower rice for stir fries and such...people will tell you to have whole grains-but I have found real sourdough bread is much better bg wise!  good luck!

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    If the individual hasn’t had it for long actual peer reviewed studies have shown that the keto diet may reverse type 2 diabetes. But other than that, lower carb intake, especially refined sugars and more complex carbs. Protein and fat is fine.

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    People with diabetes can eat anything- they just have to moderate things with sugar and carbs in them.

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    Set up an appointment with a dietitian.  You should have professional advice on fixing GOOD, well balanced meals.

    But - just to share some basics - controlling diabetes is about controlling the total carbohydrates being consumed.  ALL carbohydrates become sugar in the blood, so it isn't just about controlling "sugar" - it is about balancing meals from the right kinds of carbohydrates.

    Here are some basics:

    Breads, pastas, and grains are all high sources of carbohydrates - but also part of a balanced diet.  Whole grains are better.  They digest slower and don't cause a high sugar spike after eating them.  White breads and other white grains digest quickly and cause a high sugar spike after a meal.

    Most vegetables are good, especially any of the leafy, green vegetables.  A few vegetables that should be limited include potatoes, corn, and peas.  These are high in carbohydrates and starch.  They will cause a high sugar spike.  You can read labels on canned or frozen vegetables to get an idea on carbohydrate content and serving size.  For fresh vegetables, you can google search the carbohydrate content and serving size for those.

    Fruit has natural sugars but fruit is also a healthy part of any good diet.  A diabetic should avoid having more than two servings of fruit per day.  Berries are one of the best fruits for a diabetic.  Apples are also good.  

    Dairy also contains natural sugars.  Lactose is actually a form of sugar.  You need to read labels and watch serving sizes on milk and other dairy products.  Unsweetened Almond milk is much lower in carbs and could be a milk substitute.

    Meat from the butchers counter has NO CARBOHYDRATES.  Things like fresh chicken, pork, and beef does not contain carbohydrates.  Red meat is NOT a problem for a diabetic - the only reason to limit red meat would be to avoid other health issues - but it does NOT raise sugar levels.  Meat that is breaded or dipped in sauces will raise sugar levels.  Any meat that has been processed might contain carbohydrates.  Read labels for processed meats.  (eggs also have no carbohydrates.)

    Anything that a diabetic drinks should have no carbohydrates.  Water and sugar free flavored waters are some of the best choices.  Avoid fruit juices - even the ones without "added" sugars are still going to be high in carbohydrates from the natural sugars in the fruit.  A diabetic should not be drinking their carbs.  

    Your doctor or a dietitian should be able to help you set up a daily carbohydrate goal for your child.  This would be based on a certain number of carbohydrates per meal, per snack and then a per day total.  You would need to base your meals around foods that stay within that carbohydrate goal for the meal.

    Now - a few last things.  Do some research and learn the difference between "slow" carbs and "fast" carbs.  You need to base the majority of foods eaten on the "slow" carbs.  Next - everyone needs a treat sometimes.  Your child is going to have birthday parties and other events with junk food and sugary treats like cake and ice cream.  Allow those things to happen within reason.  (one piece of cake - not two....etc.)  On days when you know your child will have some sugary foods, make sure you plan the rest of that days meals with the lowest carbohydrates possible.  (so, not a good day for pasta for supper)  

    Try to keep your child active.  Get your child involved in a sport if possible.  Staying active is a great way to help control sugar levels.  If the child has no interest in sports, then take a family walk each day or go for a bike ride - or encourage playing outside in any way that creates movement for at least 30 minutes per day.

    Good luck.

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    Go on The Adkins or Keto Diet.  Zero Sugar, severely limit carbohydrates, exercise.

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    With the advanced type 2 diabetes medications probably just about anything once it's properly controlled

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    More vegetables and some fruits, with less red meat. No soda, sugary snacks and much less pasta. No greesy hamburgers or too unhealthy pizzas. avoid fast food. Mum prepared food is the best.

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