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Are Macedonia and North Macedonia two different countries ?

I have heard of Macedonia before but now I've seen somewhere there's a country called North Macedonia. I Googled it but it appears Macedonia in some websites and North Macedonia in others. Are they the same countries or different countries?

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    The sovereign nation formally known as Macedonia changed its official name to the Republic of North Macedonia, or North Macedonia for short. This was done to appease the Greek government who took umbrage with the fact that the Macedonian government were laying claim to the name Macedonia internationally. There is a region of Greece and also a province called Macedonia, and the Greeks were concerned about the region and the independent country getting confused. All of this despite the fact that Macedonia used the name as part of Yugoslavia for nearly 50 years, for millennia prior to that, and has a stronger claim to it considering that over seventy percent of the historical region of Macedonia is located within its borders. 

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