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How can I make my own songs on guitar?

I have already made a few songs on acoustic guitar. I usually play in D Standard and it's mostly basic chords. What can I do to improve my songwriting skills? I can't sing for s*** so the guitar kind of has to wow people if you know what I mean. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    I’d start looking for chord combinations that sound cool. I’m not sure about guitar, but I play ukulele and I know Cm-G sounds super cool. Also experiment with different strumming patterns. For writing melodies, I just come up with a couple of notes in my head and figure out what notes they are. I’m not sure how effective this would be for other people but that’s what works for me

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    It doesn't have to be blues, it is also the roots of much rock and roll and a good amount of pop. Google the subject to learn much more:

    The most frequently used chord progression on Earth:

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    I assume you're asking about composing songs?

    I don't know what “D standard” is but the tuning you use isn't important. To me, standard tuning is best but that's because it's the obvious one to use and the one I feel most comfortable using.

    Many of the best songs ever written use just three or four “basic chords”, and if a person can't write songs like that then there's no point in trying anything more complex.

    You need to have a basic understanding of how chord sequences work and how songs are structured - you need to know “the basics”.

    After that there's no secret, you just have to write song after song and accept that probably the first hundred or so will be absolute rubbish. Some people seem to feel that they should be good at whatever they want to do almost immediately - it just doesn't work like that.

    Like you, I can't sing if my life depended on it but if you're keen to write songs then it's the song that has to “wow people”, not the guitar. Unfortunately, I've heard lots of great players who just never came up with anything that, in my opinion, was worth listening to.

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    First, get guitar lessons to learn how to play and to learn music theory. Then write songs for 5 - 7 years so you get good at it.

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