Coronavirus Symptoms? How to breathe?

I went to dinner last Thursday with my friend and her sister (we went to a few places over the span of 5 hours). About 5 days later, I was overwhelmed with a spontaneous bout of fatigue. I felt so weak and my legs couldn't do anything besides lay down. However, there was no fever or any other symptoms. 

After a day, my friend texted me telling me that her sister tested positive for COVID a few days ago and that I had been exposed. 

How contagious is this thing?? I never got a fever, I just felt very very fatigued (most I have ever been). I also keep getting randomly nauseous and I am now developing a dry cough (I am on day 8 of this now). 

About day 4/5 of being fatigued, shortness of breath worsened from being a minor nuisance to literally losing my mind trying to get air. I have never had any lung issues before, so this is pretty annoying/awful to deal with. Right now, I am sitting right in front of a standing fan trying to get air in-- it is the only thing that helps in the slightest. What else could I do or take to help ease this?

Also, is it likely that this is coronavirus despite never having a fever? Also, I have been living with my boyfriend who has drank my drinks/kissed me and he is 100% healthy.

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  • Tavy
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    hace 1 mes

    You have it, but not everyone has a fever. Go and get tested.

  • Anónimo
    hace 1 mes

    My fiancé and his entire family tested positive back in April. His mom is in her 60s, and his dad is in his 70s. They both have underlying issues. This is what worked:

    1. Daily vitamin D3

    2. Daily Vitamin C

    3. Hot tea with ginger and lemon 3 times a day 

    They all recovered within a week

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