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How to formulate three actions that can be performed to address the issue below by using knowledge in partial derivatives and integration?

Waste plastic pollution remains one of the challenging environmental issues that remain unresolved todate, particularly with microplastics in the water sources (ponds, lakes, rivers, sea, oceans, etc.). 

Microplastics refer to plastic materials with size or diameter of less than 5 mm. Microplastic contamination is now widespread in the environment and have been reported to reach the shorelines of remote regions. Ingestion of microplastics by a wide range of organisms could lead to negative 

implications such as physical or toxicological harm. While the full impact of human ingestion of microplastics is not yet fully understood, there is increasing evidence of microplastic contamination in a large variety of food and beverages. 

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    There is nothing in your infantile regurgitation about microplastic pollution of the environment which lends itself to any mathematical analysis.  It is a question of physical actions, not mathematics.

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