Guitar tuner?

Bought a guitar tuner the notes stated on it are a C,G,B,V, and U

What is V and U

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    I can see how you might be confused, but those letters are NOT notes. They are settings for the tuner, depending on which instrument you're trying to tune. The letters stand for the names of instruments.

    C= Chromatic.  This has all notes, and can be used with any instrument.

    G= Guitar.  If you use this setting, the only notes on the display will be EADGBE

    B= Bass. Use this setting for bass guitar

    V= Violin. Use this for tuning violin

    U= Ukulele Use this for tuning ukulele

    Typically, you press a button to scroll through the list, and select the appropriate instrument.   Then, when you play a note, the tuner will display the note and show whether your string is too high or low.  Remember, the tuner senses the pitch and displays the nearest note in pitch. If you're too far out of tune, this can cause false readings. Tuners like this will usually remember the last setting you used, and open up to that when you next turn it on.  The G, B, V, and U settings really aren't necessary and are mostly geared towards beginners who don't know the names of their strings.  The Chromatic setting has all the notes. 

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    You are mistaken. No guitar tuner is going to suggest that a note is V or U.

    It should have come with some instructions which you need to read.

    Tune the guitar, low to high, EADGBE.

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    hace 3 meses

    It's probably short for Vu-Pitch, an inexpensive tuner.

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    Throw it in the garbage and buy a Snark clip-on, about $12 with free shipping from Amazon.

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