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Should you totally block off toxic people from your life?

I mean like VERY toxic. This person has been toxic for 5 years and no matter how hard I try to avoid it it's still always there. Is blocking this person from social media and everything else a good move

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    Yes, definitely and not just on social media but also in home life.  I had a toxic family member when young and thought I'd never escape.  He joined one of H.M. forces and life was great for me until he came back home on leave.  2 years later I managed to get a job away from home so saw him briefly just when both of us were at home together but his behaviour never improved.  Eventually I moved much further away from home, married and had a family and visited parents just 3 times a year.  Even then he managed to ensure he was there at the same times. Mum was tipping him off that I was visiting.

    On one visit to parents he turned up and harmed one of my children. Since then I've seen him, on average, twice a year (Christmas and mum's birthday). Both mum and dad are now gone and, except for their funerals, I have not seen him since nor will I be making arrangements to ever see him and, since moving house myself just after mum died, he doesn't know my address or 'phone number and that is how it will remain. One relative knows my address and phone number so I am contactable when absolutely necessary but not for anything else.

    YES toxic people need to be cut out totally from our lives if we are to live in peace.

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    I dislike blocking people. Why not simply ignore them?

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    Yes, blocking this person is the best decision you could make for yourself 

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    I've had a couple of people like that in my life. You haven't done anything, they just put you down, make you feel bad about yourself for no reason other than to build themselves up. That they care so little for you to be so nasty tells you to MOVE ON - as fast as you can . . .   Who said it's your job to roll over and accept being treated like garbage so this low life can feel good about themselves?? It's not. MOVE ON - and stand your ground when they get 'angry' - another tactic - about you doing that. You have wiped them from your life - why should you care? And tell them that!! I get the impression that you're not the type to stand up - and that's what they're taking advantage of. Now is the time to start the rest of your life by getting rid of the rubbish!!

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    Yes.  No communication and no contact is better than dealing with a monster and being angrier each time.

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    this question resonates with me so much. This month, I blocked 2 of my VERY close friends. I sometimes feel bad but it had to be done. They were very rude/toxic and I couldnt handle it.

    yes, just block them. its hard, i know

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    If you don’t see them in real life then go ahead and do it. 

    If you interact with them in person then do this:

    Snapchat - mute their story so you don’t see it.

    Instagram - you can make them unfollow you/unfollow them. I believe you can also mute stories/content 

    Social media sometimes has backdoors so you can stop viewing their content but still follow 

    If they call you out on it don’t respond or just be straight with them. You don’t like what they post 

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    If someone has a negative impact on your life & that impact is ongoing and unchanging despite one chance, & an apology then YES.. it's time to walk away. 

    If that means that inorder to do that, that you have to block them, then do that. 

    Please note - I said one chance - Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice .. shame on me.  Don't give someone more chances than they deserve. 

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    By all means and don't block them, remove them; same goes in "real life"

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