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Should cancer patients be denied medical treatment during this coronavirus plandemic???

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    Are you really this obtuse? The health system in our country WAS NOT OVERRUN with RAMPANT WUHAN VIRUS fact many hospitals were in DANGER of  GOING OUT OF BUSINESS....because of the LACK of patients and treatments.

    Cancer KILLS far more people every year than this DUMB VIRUS ever will or has.

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    No, and I don't know anywhere this is happening.

    I live and work in a major epicenter of this virus.  Thankfully, things are better here now, but we went through some horrific times here.  I specifically work in a children's cancer center- and we did not deny ANY patient ANY treatment during this time.  The cancer center in the adult hospital next door also maintained their treatment of their patients.

    We actually had an unusually large surge of new diagnoses during the pandemic, and because many people were scared to seek medical care early, we saw kids diagnosed in much more precarious situations than they often are.  All of our kids were diagnosed quickly and began treatment as soon as they normally would, were enrolled in our normal studies (most children with cancer are treated on clinical trials), etc.

    We have worked longer hours to ensure that our clinic is not overly busy at any one time.  We no longer use our waiting room and children cannot be in the playroom together.  Each child can only have one parent with them, inpatient or outpatient.  Some days, they have to wait longer for a transfusion because of the blood shortage, and we have to get it from further away.  But every single one of our patients has gotten every chemo and radiation on time during this.

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    My wife is in that situation right now and she has not been denied treatment.  The problem is that they can not get treatment for elective surgery and this will restrict them from getting a breast implant after a mastectomy and it has to be done within a short period of time in some cases.

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