Why are my OBS recordings choppy when trying to record Warzone?

Hi, as the title states, I’m struggling with choppy recordings in Warzone, and I have tried many things to improve this but I still get choppy recordings, they aren’t terrible and slow, they are watchable but not very smooth like I see when I watch other people’s recordings. 

My hardware:

RTX 2080 Ti


32GB 2400HZ RAM

I Run the game on max settings generally on my 144HZ 1440P monitor and when I’m not recording I get 144 FPS but when recording it’s down to 110 - 120. I have tried lowering some settings down and even lowered the resolution of my game down to 1080, with the same results. 

OBS is running as an administrator and I’ve tried many different settings, currently I’m using NVENC new as my encoder, CBR and 35000 bit rate. I record in 1440 but downscaling to 1080 or even 720 gives the same issue. I have also checked my CPU and GPU usage when recording and both are around 50%. 

I use VLC to view the recorded videos. 

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t know whether the issue is with OBS or with my game. 


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  • Magma
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    hace 2 meses

    Try a different recording software and viewer 

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