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How do I portray seriousness in a personalized video?

I will capture on my smartphone, personalized home video of me sitting in my living room. In the video I will discuss covid19 awareness and my personal experiences with the pandemic. I will then edit and upload the video to Facebook and YouTube.

Need the backdrop and setting be plain and free of decorations

, Or is it alright to have decorative throws , pillows, vases, figurines, and wall art kept to a minimum?

I want my viewers to focus on the message I am trying to portray. Not distracted by clutter and artsy props.

Is it alright to show emotion in my video? Can I laugh, cry , can I stumble over my words, can I hesitate and pause, Or need I edit those things out?

I want my video to seem " natural" and not as if I rehearsed or "acted." 

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    It's totally okay to have things in the background. It's also fine to make mistakes during filming, as long as they're not intentional - it can come off as a bit cheesy. If you're nervous about stumbling over words or stuttering, you may want to write down an outline of what you're going to say. Best of luck to you!

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