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Do you think I am type one diabetic?

I’m a 14 year old female. I don’t want to go to the doctor for absolutely nothing so I want to see if people think the same things I do. Lately I have been exhibiting symptoms of type one diabetes. First off, some days I literally can’t eat more than a few bites at dinner or I’ll feel really full at the beginning of the day and then the next day I’ll feel like I could eat a bus. Also, my feet get tingly really easily, especially if I cross my legs. Not to mention, I get dizzy the majority of the time I stand up. I am NOT overweight or obese, my weight is in around the 30th percentile. Please tell me if I’m being crazy or not

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    Type 1 diabetes has NOTHING to do with body weight or obesity.  

    You have not mentioned the main two symptoms of diabetes - especially if it is type 1 diabetes.  You didn't mention thirst and peeing.  When sugar levels are out of control, the body tries to get the sugar out of the blood by peeing it out.  This also causes thirst because the body needs more fluids to help flush out the sugar.  You would find it very hard to sleep all night without needing to get up at least once or twice to pee during the night.

    Changes in hunger levels can happen for many reasons - including just being a growing teen.

    Tingling in the feet can be because of a pinched nerve - this would be especially true if it happens more when you cross your legs - you are very likely pinching a nerve when you cross your legs.  The tingling that diabetics gets in the feet is called diabetic neuropathy and it is NOT an early symptom.  By the time you have nerve damage from diabetes causing tingling in your feet - you have been diabetic for a while and you would be having the issues with needing to pee all the time.

    Getting dizzy when you stand can be related to low blood pressure or even high blood pressure.  There is also a condition called "vertigo" that is basically dizziness with no other particular cause other than changing position.  It deals with how fast the inner ear can adjust to your change in position.  (with vertigo - dizziness is likely to happen with any major body position change - it can also be triggered by looking up long enough - like trying to look straight up at something on the ceiling) 

    I went on a trip with family members.  One of the teens on the trip with us kept asking us to stop for bathroom breaks.  During a six hour drive - he had to have us pull over about every 45 minutes.  When we got back home from the trip - his parents took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  There had really been no other signs that indicated diabetes at that time - but taking that trip made it very obvious how often he was actually needing to use the bathroom.

    Based on what you have wrote here - you might have some issues that could be checked - but it is not likely to be diabetes.  

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    Doesn't sound like diabetes to me. Go see the doctor ffs.

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