How to take photos of myself without a tripod?

I do not have a camera except for the one on my phone. I would like to take photos of myself using what I have and would like any tips and suggestions. Thanks.

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    Most cameras have an auto-clock that will permit you around 10 seconds to get into position. Have a go at setting the camera at eye level. Set the camera to concentrate on your eyes. If you want a headshot, standing is a smart thought. Remain with your feet confronting the window and turn your chest area toward the camera. This will give the photograph a unique look. 

    Standing or sitting, have a go at moving your face somewhat nearer to the camera than your body, i.e., extend your neck forward a bit. This will limit any appearance of a twofold jawline.

  • keerok
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    You only need a way to prop your phone safely to be able to take a shot. As to how you would do that depends on your ingenuity and creativity.

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    I suggest forgetting using the phone. There are MILLIONS of horrid cell phone "selfies" in the world, why add yours to the pile. Point and shoot digital cameras are almost a dime a dozen now. Get on Ebay and find practically any. I recommend a Canon only because when you use the self timer on a Nikon point and shoot, you have to reset it every time. The Canon will stay on the timer for as long as you want to take photos. You can also set the timer time up to 30 second delay on most Canon point and shoot digital cameras. These cameras also have a tripod socket. You can buy a very inexpensive tripod. It does not have to be anything expensive or of high quality just for a little point and shoot camera. That is my suggestion to you.

  • Sumi
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    Self portraits is nothing new.  Normally with a real camera, you'd set the focusing, then set the self timer and get into the shot.  But you do not have this ability with a phone unless there's an app for that.  If so, then frame the shot, tap the screen and run and get into position.  If not, then your only option for a self portrait is to use a mirror.

    Another option is to see if there's an app for adding an intervalometer to your phone.  This allows you to take photos at a set interval.  Focusing may be an issue, but since phones have such short lenses, the depth of field is likely to be good enough.

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  • Anónimo
    hace 1 mes

    You can cut slots in a plastic cup or use a bean bag. YouTube should have suggestions.

  • hace 1 mes

    What i do if i want to flex is i put the phone on a stack of boxes in the basement

    but it's quite tricky to get to know where to stand then

    Best results are when taken by a friend, is that an option for you?

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