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Can I retrain a parrot to stop swearing and using profanity, his previous owner taught him all this?

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    Yes.  I have an African Grey.  Two teenage boys taught it several naughty words.  Three months after owning him, my husband and I got into a heated disagreement.  The bird reacted in the most interesting way - saying the naughty word six times in a row.  Husband and I get into it every now and then but the bird has never repeated that word since and has never said anything remotely similar.  It's been a couple of years now.  He's a pure delight and has a beautiful repertoire.  No swear words at all.  Just a pure delight.

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    A woman got a really good buy on a parrot that had lived in a house of ill-repute. The pet-shop owner suggested that she keep its cage covered for a week to see whether that helped.

    After the week was up, she gathered the family around for the unveiling. The parrot looked at her and said, "Awwwk! New madam."

    It looked at her daughters and said, "New girls, too."

    Finally, the parrot looked at her husband and said, "Hi, Johnny."

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    You can try ...

    They generally have excellent memory forsounds.

    You can try teaching new words and encourage use of the new words and phrases.

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    Yes but it’s tough. Parrots tend to hold onto words for a long time, and especially ones that may have elicited a good response in the past. Try replacing the unwanted word with a wanted word. Birds are extremely smart, and they will catch on to replacing the word that is not wanted. Once he picks that up, introduce other words. Talk to him a lot, using consistent sentences. The repetition will help him pick up those phrases, if he likes them. Don’t react to the profanity, but do praise him when he says something you like. Good luck!!

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