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is it possible for individuals how have fused chromosomes to breed successfully with individuals who have separate chromosomes?

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    Chromosome #2 used to be separate chromosomes.  We know they fused because there are telomeres in the middle.  It did not affect reproduction.

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    Yes. Human chromosome 2 is a result of an end-to-end fusion of two ancestral chromosomes. This means that for quite some time, humans with fused chromosomes and those with unfused chromosomes were mating and creating viable offspring.

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    Yes, in may cases. The domestic horse can breed with Przewalski's horse even though they have different numbers of chromosomes. 


    Some people claim that human chromosome 2 is a fusion but the evidence is weak and there is considerable evidence that contradicts it. 


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    Yes, they can even produce fertile children because the fused chromosomes will still line up with the unfused chromosomes during fertilization and meiosis. Chromosomes break and fuse often. That is why even close relatives may have different number of chromosomes. The Przewalski's horse has a different number of chromosomes than other breeds of domestic horses, and yet they can produce fertile young with other domestic horses.

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    Yes ... ... ... ...  Our first very first fused-chromosome #2 ancestor would have been able to breed with other members of the population.

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    Can humans breed with other apes or even monkeys?  NO

    Our second-largest chromosomes are equivalent to two ape/monkey chromosomes each. Fused chromosomes literally make us human

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