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Please help! my eyes feel like they’re popping out and look different and unhealthy?

How do I fix my eyes. For the past week now I’ve been waking up with the looking ridiculous and it’s not doing away. One of the first days it was incredibly awful, I had went outside for like half an hour to travel to a shop for hair products, and my eyes were hurting incredibly bad feeling like they were bulging out. Incredible pain. I have recently gotten my glasses back as the opticians had to replace a lense that has fallen out. I am very concerned about my eyes as they feel like they have moved out of position and look so ugly! When I turned to the side the lid sticks out and looks thicker. Please help how can I get my eyes back to normal. I think it’a due to eye strain and not having my glasses for a while. I have them back now and I’m waiting for them to return back to normal but it’s been like the 4th day now and they still look and feel strange! 

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    You are describing a condition called Exophthalmos, and there is a small chance it could damage your optic nerves if not treated soon. Go to your doctor and ask them to check your Thyroid function.  Misuse of Cocaine can make eyes bulge out too. 

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    You should visit an ophthalmologist ☞asap☜ to check your IOP (intraocular pressure). 

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    I suggest that you go and see a doctor or go for an eye test.

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