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If you want less racism in the police Simply ban democrats from holding All government jobs and terminate Federal and state unions. Ok?

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  • Alan
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    hace 5 meses

    So long as you have a racist President nothing will change for the better

  • Bob
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    hace 5 meses

    So your proposal to reduce racism in the police is to suggest something that anyone with even two or three braincells to rub together can see would be completely irrelevant and which is nothing more than your attempt to fan the flames of discord.

    Thankfully for everyone, your opinion means exactly jack and sh1t and no one, anywhere, is going to take your stupid suggestion seriously.

    Other than that, your bizarre random unnecessary capitalization makes you look like some kind of retarded moron. Is that really the look you were going for?

  • Matt
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    hace 5 meses

    brilliant suggestion

  • hace 5 meses

    Or, and hear me out on this, we could just agree that if a cop breaks the law they should be prosecuted just like anyone else.  I know the concept blows your brain, so I'll give you some time to let that sink in.

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