What is a matrix? ?

I thought a matrix was a square array of numbers. But some people are saying we live in a matrix. How can we be in an array of numbers? 

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    A matrix is a word for a container, derived from the Latin for matron or mother being the womb or vessel which holds the child; similarly, the birth canal was called after the Latin word vagina, meaning a sheath which is a holder for a sword. In the pop-culture movie eponymously titled, the human bodies are trapped inside eggs for exploitation as electro-chemical batteries for the machines which create the illusion of the world inside people's minds. Likewise some have speculated that the universe is a holographic projection or theoretically a computer simulation to resolve a war between two alien species. 

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    In mathematics, matrices don't have to be "square". They can be rectangular, cubic, multi-dimensional and do on. More, they don't have to contain just numbers. The ones with numbers often represent "vectors". However, one can have matrices of matrices, matrices of letters, etc. 

    What we call a matrix is a container for a specific kind of object, where the objects can be real, concrete or highly abstract. A wall, for example, might be called a "matrix of bricks"...

    So, we can "abstract" an idea where society is a matrix of people.

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    Those people are just messing with you. Stop talking to them.

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