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Help! Guinea Pigs and Bug Bombs/Foggers?

We bug bombed our house a little over a week ago (with the Hot Shot Bed Bug and Flea fogger). I put the guinea pigs in my room and locked the door (and put a towel under the door so nothing could escape through the cracks) so they weren’t exposed to it. However, the room that got bombed was their room so I’m wondering that if I put them back in their original room, will I have to wash the carpet first (in case 

the big bomb is still there, I don’t want to risk the piggies walking on the carpet and then putting their paws in their mouth/touching their food with their paws that touched the carpet) or can I put them back there with no problem? I’m pretty sure the big bomb’s effects could linger for up to 7 months so if they have to wait 7 months in my room, I’m fine with that too (even though it’s not ideal).

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    I hope you get a answer. I know that i dont know but i am worried about your guinea pigs. Maybe you could google it but it might say something wrong and people here might also. But if i was you i wouldn't put them back in there.

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