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chlamydia false positive????? ?

me and my boyfriend have been together for some time now, I went to get a std screening/test done because before my current boyfriend I was tested positive for chlamydia and never went back 3-4 later to get recheck (which is what the doctors recommend) 

so because I never went I just got curious... they took everything such as a vaginal swab, rectum and oral... everything came back negative BUT the oral swab, which came back positive for chlamydia... 

I know for a fact we both didn't cheat on each other, and right now we are both really confused and depressed on what the heck is going on.because if his results come back positive what does it mean for me... could I have been reinfected from myself, or could it be a false positive since having oral chlamydia is very unlikely to happen(from what i have scene and heard from research) 

he went to go get tested recently and we are waiting for the results. if his results come back negative what does it mean.??? could that be a false positive or what??? 

and if his result come back positive with out cheating... how is it possible..?? 


I already took the medication I called to get retested the day I found out and they denied it 

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  • hace 1 mes

    i would go back and get it rechecked

  • Pearl
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    hace 1 mes

    maybe you should go back

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