How to get out of an art slump caused by feeling inadequate?

I studied art for a long time doing both traditional and digital working with paint, pencil, charcoal etc but recently I haven't been doing as much art as I would like because I have an issue with motivation to even eat sometimes, never mind do art. I tried going back to doing art and like every artist I hated everything I created but I feel something more than that now I feel empty looking at the art like I didn't do as well as I could.

Artists shouldn't compare their selves to others, I know that, but I cant help it.I look on art and see all of this amazing art, some people creating it so effortlessly with techniques they know and I look at my art and don't see even a fraction of the skill those artists posses which makes me wonder what the point in continuing is. I'm always trying to get better and art has been my passion since I was a child but recently I just lost that passion and now I don't know what to do or how to get it back. I want to be a good artist but it feels like my talent is gone and I just want to reignite my passion for art, any advice would help thank you

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