Is it okay to use all the outlets of a power strip/surge protector?

I have a Belkin 9 outlet SurgeMaster.

I currently have my TV, BlueRay home theater system, Nintendo64, Ps2, Ps4, Wii, ps4 controller charging system, and an extension cord all plugged into it.

Is it okay to have all of those things plugged into it? 

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    The surge protection gives protection against over-voltage. If there is a surge in voltage, this in turn gives a surge in current, not good if that is flowing through sensitive electronic devices.

    Here in the UK, the nominal voltage is 230V AC. Any voltage over this causes the surge protector to operate and the excess is safely taken to earth. Any and every sensitive device should be connected via a SPD...for peace of mind.

    When you say, ''is it ok to have all these things plugged in?'' comes down to how much current is being drawn in normal usage.

    Your 'surgemaster' device is probably rated at 13 amps and their is a 13A fuse in the plug.

    Most elecronic devices use little power and I woud imagine that all added up you probably have only a few amps flowing.

    Remember, Power = Voltage x Current

    or, P/V = I

    On each device it should state the power, so divide by the voltage to work out the current being drawn. Do this for each device and add them together.

    HOWEVER, you say there is an extension cord plugged into that. It depends on what is being plugged into this and what current is being drawn. Bear in mind that all the current drawn by items plugged into that will be drawn through your Belkin device and the cable supplying it.

    The bottom line is that the rating of 13A is there as an absolute limit, which you should be nowhere near. Also, the fuses are there to protect the cables from overload and overheating...i.e. risk of fire, e.t.c.

    In addition, cables have a current carrying capacity to prevent overheating. In the UK, a 1.5mm^2 cable is the minimum size recommended for extension leads and has a capacity of line with fuse limits. In the US I think this is gauge size 15 or 16.

    A lengthy answer I know, but due to the safety aspect and concerns it is entirely valid.


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    That's what they are there for. 


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    You should be fine.  If there's an overload, a good power strip will either signal it, or shunt down, for safety.

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