How do I fix my clock?

My clock is livingsolutions branded and it has been making a weird sound that only stops when I unplug the clock. The numbers are barely visible. The alarm is off. I can't set the time. I can't do anything with it because it is completely frozen and is only showing partly visible numbers while also making a weird sound. I want to know why is my clock making weird noise and why the numbers are not completely visible. I also want to know if the brand is poor and if so then I want to know what brand is better or what brands are better.

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  • hace 1 mes

    No one can know exactly what is wrong without examining the item in person. 


    However, I suspect your clock is of relatively recent manufacture, 

    which would automatically put it in the junk category. 

         Finding a new one that is any good will be a major challenge if it is possible at all, which I doubt. 

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