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Are you happy that white voice actors who voice black characters(e.g. Cleveland Brown) are stepping down/quitting?

As for me, I thought that was part of acting and by that I mean, stepping out of your own self to embody that of another. That's like saying only aliens from outer space can play aliens in movies. 

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    Eh, traditionally in voice acting, any actor could play any character, white people could play black people, black people could play white people, asian people could play black people, etc. I always quite liked that as it meant that there was true equality in how people were cast regardless of which race each character was... so long as everyone involved in each production played fair. I have realised in recent years however, that the system is easily exploited to allow white actors to play both asian and black roles more frequently than actual black or asian people, meaning that both of those groups of underrepresented actors get even less of a break. It's not like you see asian or black actors play white characters with nearly the same frequency either, they get the short end of the stick most often (they do play white characters sometimes, but not nearly as much.) So, I suppose at this stage, I think it's best to let people from the actual races of characters play said characters, until Humans are advanced enough for true equality.

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    I'm good with it. The white voice actors know that while they're capable of doing the black characters they play, them being hired for it means black actors, long under-represented in Hollywood, are not.

    You may not be old enough to remember similar Hollywood whitewashing, where the privileged white actors got on-camera roles that should have gone to minority actors. In "Birth of a Nation," one of the earliest movies to see wide release, many black characters were played by white actors in blackface, their features clearly Caucasian.

    It's not just black actors who are displaced by white actors. Roles clearly calling for an Asian, Arab, Latinx, or Native American actor have gone to white actors hundreds of times. Among the lucky white actors are Katherine Hepburn, Angelina Jolie, Josh Hartnett, Rex Harrison, Kevin Spacey, Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Casper Van Dien, Shirley McLain, Rock Hudson, Tilda Swinton, Burt Lancaster, Ben Affleck, Jake Gyllenhaal, Orson Welles, Marlon Brando, Benedict Cumberbatch, Lawrence Olivier, Christopher Lee, Sir Alec Guinness, Johnny Depp, Elizabeth Taylor, Tony Curtis and John Wayne.

    That's a whole lot of roles--and I cherry-picked from long, long lists--that white actors got that they should not have.

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    That act is actually racist about a Korean playing a Japanese or an American playing a Brazilian ? prejudice ?? Racist ? same ****...remember when Eddie Murphy played an old white dude ? ****.. is he gonna say sorry now  ?

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    I think they're stupid. Why quit a paying job to please a bunch if morons that you don't  even know?

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