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What is 8am to 11pm UTC?

I'm in EST, and what is this when specified by a website?  EA is so dumb to put a timezone that doesn't really exist.  If it were based on some Greenwich time, there would be a minus & number next to it. They have to make everything so difficult, and so are websites all over the place saying I'm doing unusual activity for just logging in ... staring at YAHOO!

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    3 am to 6 pm EST if you really ate in EST. EST is MINUS 5 hours . IF you are in EDT in the United States, it is 4 am to 7 pm, minus 4 hours. 

    For most people, the difference between UTC and GMT is irrelevant. Whether you are where daylight saving time is being observed or not is VERY relevant. WHO or WHAT is being stupid? Especially if you really are in Australia, plus 12 hours AHEAD of EST for the east coast of Australia. 

  • Bill-M
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    EST -  Eastern Standard Time is  GMT+5

    They give it the Name Eastern Standard Time or Eastern Daylight Time to make it easy for People to understand.   GMT+5 is too hard for most people with no education.

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    8:00 am UTC is 3:00 am EST.  But I think you might have failed to notice that the eastern USA is on daylight saving time, not Eastern Standard Time, EST.

    Coordinated Universal Time, UTC, is the proper official name for what used to be called GMT. There is no official GMT any more, not since 1972.  But old habits are hard to get rid of. The old GMT was a bit weird at the millisecond level.

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    Coordinated universal time, shorthanded to utc, is the successor to grenich mean time, and is a 24 hour cycle based on 0 longitude, and not adjusted by daylight savings. You could have googled utc in like 2 seconds. I guess its hard to make things easier for incredibly stupid people. You seem to go out of your way to make it difficult

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