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My friend unfollowed me on Instagram because of a Black Lives Matter comment. ?

So basically my friend unfollowed me on Instagram because I don’t post about the black lives matter as much as she does and she says if I stay silent or don’t speak about it I don’t care about her or the black community I’ve known her for 10 years I’m just like everyone has their opinion and has the right to post whatever they want if they want . And I’m more of the id rather donate to an organization. But she just made me feel like I’m a bad person like did I do wrong 

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    You didn't do anything wrong im mixed and i don't support the black lives matter movement and im not racist and i don't agree with any kind of racism. But i don't get involved in politics. It's messy, boring, and doesn't interest me in any way, shape, or form so i don't get involved in it and i never will. Also even though im mixed i still don't expect my white friends to get involved in the movement, to post about it, or to talk about it every two seconds even if they do support it. Your friend needs to chill out she's too pressed about something that's not supposed to define your friendship with her. Don't let her make you feel bad if she's gonna unfollow you or even worse stop being your friend altogether then she was never a real friend anyways. 

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    She wasn't a friend

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    You didn’t do anything wrong, just immature on ur friends part 

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    Y'all better sit down and talk something out

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    If your friend unfollowed you on a social network site because of a comment you made then they are not a real friend in the first place.

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    You can listen to everyone else and just take the loss of your friend but you're obviously hurt and feel some unfinished business. It's gonna bother you to just let it go.

    It's 10 years of friendship. IDK if your friend is projecting or what and is taking it out on you. If you guys are care each other that's a friendship worth fighting for.

    Go talk to her, call her. Don't do it by text or DM-ing. Don't come in aggressive like you're going to be mad or upset. You guys should talk about it. If it's a friendship of 10 years that's going to end you might as well have closure. Realistically, I think you two just don't understand each other and you do need to stand your ground and say, you need to be respected for the way you do things. You don't want to be disrespected by being pressured into anything. You don't want a friend where it feels controlling about what posts you should and shouldn't have up.

    FYI, I was in the same boat as you. I support racial equality but I wasn't sure if I was going to continue to support BLM this year when I saw 'defund the cops' 'abolish the cops' I needed more information before getting back on board. So, I donated to the ACLU. I wanted Floyd to have my support, I left flowers to show the presence of my support. 

    I really needed to think if I agreed with the defunding of the cops. At EOD, I agree that an armed authority shouldn't be the first person to intervene with non-threatening civilians. Someone else should intervene before state or government armed authority gets involved. Our fellow citizens shouldn't be killed over a counterfeit $20 bill or traffic violation. I came to the conclusion, I don't want my tax dollars to go to someone who's in a system, able to murder someone for no good reason. I support BLM that we need to reimagine and recreate how things are done if we can figure out a better system than the cop system. Let's do it.

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    you should pay attention to your friends feelings but not fall sway to her pressuring you to follow her assumed key punching leadership unless she deposits about 30 million usa dollars in your bank account.

    usually in person people like that sell drugs and used cars. someyimes shoes.

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    I don’t understand having to post everything  everywhere.

    You didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t let her make you feel you have. 

    Some people want to protest and march. While other are more comfortable donating or having a conversation about the topic with close friends and family.  

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    Black Lies Matter has been burning the black communities to the ground and their Riots are just an excuse to steal from the Black Communities 

    They do not care about the Black Communities they even killed Black People in the Minnesota Riot.

    She was never your friend she just wanted you to burn the Black Communities with her.

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    I never posted anything about Black Lives Matter.

    "everyone has their opinion and has the right to post whatever they want if they want"

    I agree with what you said above!

    My mother uses instagram. I helped her with setting up her instagram account, but I don't use it.

    I have other social media accounts, and I also have my own websites that I created.

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