Prismacolor drawing question?

Hello guys I recently bought prismacolor pencil to practice drawing. My question is ever since I started to draw and color. I noticed that the colors left my drawing with a glossy look to it. When I took a picture of my drawing under a light the picture showed a glossy, waxy, look to it. So my question is if thats how its supposed to look like or did I do something wrong. From up close the drawing is fine and the colors look good. But once I turn the light on it reveals the glossy look. So how can I fix it or is it meant to be like that. Please answer.

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    All coloured pencils reflect light (that is how colour works, ask your physics teacher) so they have to be somewhat reflective, and this (and the reflective properties of the paper) is what is causing the glossy appearance.

    There are various varnishes and finishes that can give a matte finish (but try them on a practice piece before applying them to a finished drawing.

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