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French Painting/ Tapestry in Star Trek?

I’m calling all French art enthusiasts or Trekkies who really know their stuff. Now I could be wrong about the origin but the style of the art seems very much like French renaissance paintings I’ve seen before. I don’t know the name of the art piece but it’s seen hanging by the Harpsichord in the episode “The Squire of Gothos” from the original Star Trek TV series. It seems to be a bard playing the lure for a few women and they’re sitting on the ground surrounded by flowers and greenery. Does anyone know what this art piece is called?? Any help is appreciated! 

Also! It was pretty hard to get a good picture of the full tapestry in good lighting, but here’s a closeup of the bottom of the tapestry, the focal point of the work.


whoops! sorry for the typo! It’s meant to say he’s playing the Lute not a lure.

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