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Any good treatments for toenail fungus that have worked?

So I've had toenail fungus on my right foot for years. I've looked online and there's so many different at home treatments, I'm not sure if any of them really work. If you've treated toenail fungus what treatment did you use and how effective was it? TIA! 

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    Don't keep putting on the Sweaty, Stinky, Smelly Shoes. They are the source of the "Fungus" wash your feet and keep them dry, wash your shoes or replace them, air them out. If you have an odor in your shoes again you are just re exposing your feet to the problem. It takes a long time but I rub my feet every morning before I put on my socks with "Cortizone 10 Cream" has helped with the stopping and reversing of the toenail fungus. Again it is a slow process, but just stopping the progression is a start. When your Feet Sweat the Fungus Grows, remove your shoes and socks immediately when you get home and wash your feet with soap and hot not walk around the house with your sweaty feet because you are tracking the Fungus on the floor and carpet. Air your feet when at home, wear Flip Flop shoes when home when possible.

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    See a podiatrist for effective treatments.

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    ask your doctor to give you a perscription for it, i took pills for it and got rid of it

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    Soak the foot in bleach water daily as hot as you can stand and the amoun oft bleach maybe 1/4 cup--- if this does not seem to help soak the foot in corn meal that's been mixed well with hot water daily (bleach did the trick for me)…………….

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    You'll need an antifungal medication and can only get that by prescription. Go see a doctor.

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