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Are gorillas smarter than chimps?

Cause it seems like Gorillas are better at understanding language though chimps and bonobos are closer related to us.

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    Actually Orangutans are smarter than either one, so much so that tools have to be kept away from them at the zoo.

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    All animals UNDERSTAND language, they just can’t speak it.

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    Chimps are smarter than gorillas. They have higher EQ (Encephalization Quotient) than gorillas, 2.25 vs. 1.39. Humans have the highest EQ (7.6) of any animal that has ever lived. EQ is a measure of brain weight to body weight ratio and it is a good measure of how smart an animal is. Animals with the next highest EQ are dolphins and the killer whale. They are in fact smarter than apes and monkeys. The smartest monkey is the capuchin (EQ of more than 3) of South America. Gorillas have similar EQ as a California Sea Lion.  The reason animals evolve large brains is mostly because they need the extra intelligence to find food. Chimps live in poorer habitats than the gorilla because their bigger relatives keep them away with brute force. Chimps need a bigger brain to look for food such as monkeys and termites. Gorillas do not need to eat meat because they can find all the plants they need quickly. They are not known to eat meat. Capuchin monkeys live in a variety of habitats and they are known to hunt mice for food after they watch snakes do it. Humans evolved to be most intelligent because our ape ancestors were driven out of forests by stronger apes and they had to eke out a living on the open African savanna, where apes do not live and where there is little food. By evolving high intelligence, our ancestors were able to find new food such as clams, tubers and fish, food that apes do not eat. Doing that allowed them to survive even though a big brain is costly to maintain and makes us more vulnerable to starvation.

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    It's hard to tell. I can't think of a smart gorilla besides Koko. Orangutans are pretty smart though. I've seen them use tools and even bathe with soap.

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