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What happened to my sound??

 What happened to my sound? I was using my audio interface and enjoying singing in my room, when all of a sudden there's loud cracking and popping sound I heard from my monitor. Then next minute, the microphone isn't picking up my voice. I tried using different mic cable and still not working. Tried different microphone and still not working. 

When i plug both old and new cables and two different microphone from that interface to another interface, now it's not picking up any sound as well. 

What could be the problem? 

Is it my interface? 

Did my interface destroyed my microphones and cable that's why even when i plug it on a different interface its still not working? 

When i put the volume on Max, i hear like 1% sound. 

Can somebody please explain to me. I just bought that interface and microphone with cables. I dont know why this is all happening. 

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    Find someone who can help you in person. 

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    Check the cables (both signal and power) between the interface and your amp to see if there is any loose connections. 

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