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Not because republicans don’t want to represent all Americans, it doesn’t mean that nobody else will. True or false?


Seriously. All this hatred towards specific people is not helping your cause.

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    Another Anonymous Poster.. WE know you're a communist socialist who hates the USA and just wants to see the downfall of it under the guise of being a real american which we know your not.

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    The majority of Americans are somewhere between the extremes of the two major parties as they currently exist. So, yes, there is no one to represent most of us. 

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    Not impossible, but highly improbable. When the left are tearing at the fabric of our society, it doesn't look like that hypothetical leader can possibly come from them.

    Multicultural society is very complicated, as if society wasn't complicated enough already, but we ll have to sign up to it and be willing participants if this is going to work rather than be an abject disaster.

    Increasingly, the opposite is happening and the overriding force causing this is the left. As an example, 'cultural appropriation' is antagonistic to the multicultural concept

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    Conservatives have only been in the way since the beginning.

    They are born with a defect.  Part of their lower brain still thinks it's in the wild, so they expect danger, stick together and lash out at anything different or not in their tribe.

    Scientific studies have found a difference in their brain.

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    I wonder what this sounded like in your home language. 

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    Well that's as clear as mud.  Some people use language to share what they are thinking and some people use language to hide what they are thinking.

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