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What do you think of Russians? ?

Say the truth, don't be overly polite correct. 

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    I like the language. 

    The people are a result of the government. 

    Crazy since 1917. 

    Правительство сумасшедшее!

    Русские люди интересны. 

    Same with the USA, except the year isn't so clearly defined. 

    The USA leftists and liberals are the modern bolsheviks.

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    this is not a chat-site

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    Well, we have one as our president... or at least he is a puppet of the Russians... and a Russian asset.

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    They have no idea of discipline or time-keeping and expect people that they've met only once to go to endless trouble on their behalf.

    I've met some wonderful Russians. But OMG they are EXHAUSTING!

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  • hace 1 mes

    As a political organization, I think of the Russian government as highly undemocratic, approaching a dictatorship by Vladimir Putin. As for the Russian people, they are largely a mystery to me. We in the USA tend to think that everybody wants to control their own destinies and not have the government tell them what to do. But, as I see it, I have no proof that Russian, Chinese, and North Korean people have this longing for democracy. The majority of people in those countries may prefer a government that, at least in theory, is paternalistic and controlling. So, I think your question is interesting, especially if you can get a representative sample of Russians who feel comfortable to speak their minds. 

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    Tell the truth; don't be overly polite.

    They're like any other group, with good ones and bad ones.

  • hace 1 mes

    They are like any other nationality: some are good, some aren't, etc .. It's the human nature

  • hace 1 mes

    Only one I personally met was a lovely woman.

    Russia in general do you mean the population or the government, I think the people are fine the government I have some issues with.

  • hace 1 mes

    Based on the ones I've met...  They have a dark sense of humour and like to party!

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