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How long does it take a dock or "fishing" spider egg to hatch?

My fishing spider, whom i named Fuzzy, layed an egg overnight. I have had her for maybe a week and i had guessed that she was going to lay an egg but i was still shocked anyways when i went to check on her today and she was holding a large egg sack in her jaws. How long do i have to wait for it to hatch? Sorry for the bad picture quality.

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    That is a pretty spider you have there. In good conditions, her eggs will hatch in about 10 to 14 days. The slings will be about another two weeks in their web with mama near by.

    This may give you enough time to get prepared if you will be rearing any.

    The slings will molt again then disperse, that will be separation time.

    Q,, how big is she, some in north America get10 CM across the legs easy.

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